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Hog Roast chutneys, dressings and sauces...

I am now the proud owner of my own Fat Pig branded chutneys, hog roast sauces and dressings. The jars can be purchased in advance of your spit roast event or on the day itself. They really do compliment the whole hog roast experience and can turn a simple spit roast into the holiest of hog roasts. Maybe a personalised jar as a wedding favour for each of your guests or if you want to ‘push the pig out’ why not buy the hog hamper as a thank you gift. Or maybe just buy one for yourself, why? Because you can...

Here is the selection currently on offer;

  • Balsamic & honey dressing 227g - £2.75
  • Caesar dressing 227g -£2.75
  • Sundried tomato dressing 227g - £2.75
  • Bramley apple sauce 370g - £3.00
  • Apple sauce 165-175g - £2.50
  • Mint sauce 165-175g - £2.50
  • Apple & cider chutney 370g - £3.00
  • Apple chutney 370g - £3.00
  • Sweet apple chutney 300g - £2.75
  • Rosy apple sweets 190g - £2.50
  • Presentation hamper with one each of the jars above £35.00

I can also personalise the jars with your own details & message and am happy to provide a quote based on your requirement. So if you’re planning a pig roast or thinking about becoming a spit roaster for a day just remember The Fat Pig is waiting.

Hair of the pig....

To help with the morning after hangover (and hopefully as a little reminder of the tasty spit roast from the night before). Comes in a presentation hamper and includes;

  • Butchers sausages
  • Butchers bacon
  • Chipolatas for the kids (not that they'll have a hangover....)
  • Black pudding ring
  • Eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh loaf
  • Ketchup & brown sauce
  • 'Oinkment' tub of your very own pig fat to cook with

£40.00 (serves at least 8 people)

The Breeze-blocks...

Come on if you think you're man enough, try the giant chocolate brownie breeze-block. It's big it's bad and it knows it. If you don't want fancy desserts but need a little something (or should i say, a big something) sweet after the hog roast the breeze block will hit the spot. We simply put the choco-slab out with a knife and guests can cut off a hunk.

We can go a step further and personalise it for you with your name/date etc on it. Or if you're feeling really daring we could provide a piping bag and icing and your guests can all have a go at 'signing' the brownie.

If you are really 'weird' and don't like chocolate we can provide a lemon slice or almond slice breeze block instead.