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I'm picturing a flagon of Scrumpy Jack in one hand and a big fat juicy pork bap oozing with apple sauce, hot stuffing and plenty of fried onions falling out, in the other hand whilst chilling out at a party with friends and family…. Sounds good doesn't it, well now I know just the man that can make this little day-dream come true…. Put your hands together and give him a big round of applause, that's right 'Mr Somerset' has arrived….and we hope, will be performing at a venue near you very soon!

The Fat Pig Somerset is in business, ready for action, hungry for work, bursting with energy. All they need is you, and your friends of course….Ashley and his team are now offering everything spit roasted in the Somerset and surrounding areas. So if you are having a party, getting married, getting divorced, celebrating a promotion, retiring, opening a new office, just closing a window or anything else that might be an excuse for a party Ashley can come along and take away the hassle for you.

Why get hot and sweaty in the kitchen when you can be cool and calm in the back garden. The Fat Pig Somerset can offer a simple pig in a bap on the go, or a fully catered event with canapés, starters, salads, desserts, cutlery/crockery, waiting staff, buffets, bbq's, cheese boards (although seeing as though Cheddar Gorge is home to Cheddar cheese you might have something to say about that), or maybe you want to try one of our world famous 'Hair of the Pig' boxes, whatever your needs we’ll do our best to supply it.

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Design your own menu or let us suggest some ideas, we're not precious about whether we just cook a lamb for 50 people or whether we are preparing a banquet for 500 people. What we are though is conscientious, we will arrive on time and make every effort to help create a memorable day for you. Just take a look around the website for inspiration.

If you're feeling big and brave we can simply hire the roasting machines to you and give you a whistle-stop demonstration of how it all works. The roasters are very universal they can cook a whole pig in 6 hours, a lamb in 4 hours, up to 30 chickens in 2-3 hours or any other meat you so desire in just a few hours. We'll always be on the other end of the phone if you get into difficulties or if your meat tries to run off!

Just fill out the quick quote form at the top of the page or go to the 'contact us' page and fill out the boxes and we'll get back to you in a flash. Or if you prefer the good old fashioned telephone, give Ashley and his team a call on 07588 773 840. If you favour email then he can be reached on [email protected] 

Oh, and something you need to know, Ashley's surname is Cole…..calm down….it's not THE Ashley Cole, this one is far better!

Contact Details for The Fat Pig Co (Somerset) Ltd;

Ashley Cole: 07588 773 840

[email protected]