The Fat Pig


Choose 4 from the list below;

Butchers Gourmet Sausages – with wholegrain mustard and honey glaze

(V) Mini Pizza – classic tomato and mozzarella pizza (onsite oven required)

Mini Vegetarian Quiche – Bite size pieces of quiche with a variety of fillings

Pate Encroute – smooth Brussels pate piped onto crusty garlic croutons, red onion relish

Dim Sum – a selection of fine Chinese appetisers

Indian Selection – a selection of mini Indian snacks

Chicken Satay Skewers – chicken satay, chicken tikka satay all served with a sweet chilli sauce 

Smoked Salmon on Fresh Brown Bread – with black pepper and fresh lemon wedges

Grilled Fillet of Beef – lightly grilled fillet of beef served on french bread with horseradish/wholegrain (on site oven required)

Mini smoked salmon & soft cheese canapés with cucumber and paprika mousse

Butterfly king prawns in crispy breadcrumbs

Vegetable spring rolls

Smoked salmon blinis with cream cheese and chive