The Fat Pig

Special Offers

Here at The Fat Pig we like to make our customers happy, what better way to do that than to save you money. Keep checking back as we change our offers to reflect the seasons, locations or number of bookings made.

Hog roasts are great all year round, be it a Christmas party that would benefit from the wonderful aromas of our fresh cooked hogs, a summer fete where a burger or hot dog stand just won‘t do or even if you have invited the family round for birthday celebrations, a hog roast or barbecue will always be a roaring success.

Current special offers

Referral Rewards

We are confident that you will be so impressed by our hog roasts that you will be thirsty for more. Tell a friend, colleague or relative about us and if they book you will receive a £25 cash back gift straight from us. Alternatively you could save £50 on your next hog roast booking. 

First Quarter Savings

Between January and April we understand there is not much going on due to the weather and annual celebrations. You can take advantage of this by making huge savings on hog roast and hog roast machine hire. Call for a quote.

Local Discount

Get 10% off if you are within 15 miles of Yeovil, Somerset or Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.

Weekday Savings

 Dependent on time of year you can save on booking a hog roast or hog roast machine hire if hired for a weekday Monday – Thursday booking. 

Multiple Booking Saving

If you are organising more than one event you could make a saving of 15% off your next booking.

Quick Payment Incentive

If you are able to book and pay within two weeks of your initial enquiry we will send you a “Hair of the Pig” gift box that is packed full of lovely hog roast goodies.