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So, just reporting in finally after a long hot summer and a short cold Christmas of cooking pigs! Is it just me or is the summer getting later each year? My busiest month of the year is now September so before you know it bonfire night has arrived, the winter woollies are out from the loft, the wife is cooking a roast dinner at any given opportunity and the kids are treading muddy wellies across the carpet. No sooner has the sparkler been extinguished than we then are inundated with scary children demanding all our sweets or we'll get tricked...The wife then starts her 'Christmas Party Season' around mid-November culminating in the 'works do' (what happens on these dos stays on these dos) usually the week before Christmas and recovering in time for the small matter of putting up the Christmas tree (slightly wonky of course) and the wrapping of the Christmas present mountain. This can't be done without drinking lots of mulled wine (it's illegal to drink it any other time of year isn't it?) and listening to Sammy, Dean and Frank (this CD mysteriously hides itself from January until November). Once we've done the usual Greenaway road trip around various family and friends and have eaten our body-weight in turkey we then watch every single childrens film known to man. The year of course ends with everybody drinking copious amounts of alcohol again, promising not to touch another drop ever, and singing the only known line to Auld Lang Syne...

Why do I tell you all this I hear you ask, well it's all good news for The Fat Pig Co. as it means people want a hog roast, bbq or some form of outdoor catering. I recently had a request from a Russian Oligarch wanting a pig one metre long, cooked in advanced and delivered to his penthouse in Wimbledon for New Years Eve for him and his two guests to enjoy! Apparently money was no object! I had to communicate via his English speaking concierge so I never did find out whether he was a wealthy owner of a football team in West London.